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Eagle Construction Pros is an ABM Enterprise Company. It is owned and ran by people who are passionate about remodeling and construction. We believe that with a strong eye and a sense of creativity, and craftsmanship we can convert any houses into elegant, thoughtful spaces.

For many homeowners, moving is not always the solution. More so when you have cultivated valuable relationships with neighbors and people in your area. Our approach to home remodeling seeks to add space, function, utility, and aesthetics to your spaces – in accordance with your unique preferences. Turn your home into an enchanting and aesthetically captivating space for everyone. Eagle Construction Pros remodeling services are available in Atlanta and the surrounding ares.

Eagle Construction Pros has worked with 100s of homeowners for over a decade to turn their dreams into reality. We listen to your ideas and work hand in hand to accomplish what you have in mind. Uncompromising attention to detail, meticulous planning, and immense skill is what separates our team from other house remodeling professionals in the area.

Our business is our livelihood but it is also so much more. Eagle Construction Pros was started to fill in a void in the current market and to make a business that people can place their trust in. Over the years we have never lost our commitment to our clients and that is what has allowed us to succeed in a very competitive industry. The employees of Eagle Construction Pros stand committed to our purpose and will provide the best service!



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Our number one priority has always been customer service. Our mission is to deliver quality services at hard to beat competitive prices. We know how difficult taking on a project can be! That is why Eagle Construction Pros strives to not only achieve your goals but also exceed your expectations as well.

Thanks to our work ethic, and loyal following throughout the many years we’ve been in business, we’ve earned ourselves a great reputation! Known for having an accomplished team who deliver exceptional results; our skill set and highly efficient crew, paired with our affordable rates are hard to beat.

All of our employees are hard workers who will take your project to heart. Eagle Construction Pros always goes out of our way and above and beyond what is required. Our goal is to be resourceful, reliable, informative and professional at all times, while providing you with impeccable results.


Specializing in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling, Room Additions, Water and Fire Restoration, General Contracting Services and More. See a list of full services below.


If you’re looking for highly professional flooring services for your metro Atlanta home, Eagle Construction Pros will meet or even exceed your needs. We offer hardwood, title, carpet and more.
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Your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home, and the focal point of everyday living and entertaining. Lets talk cabinets, countertops and more.

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Your bathroom is an important space in your home. It should be spacious, attractive, and more so inviting. You deserve the nice relaxing bathroom you have always wanted.
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When it’s time to upgrade your countertops, let us bring your ideal to life. Beautiful kitchen countertops are a must update item for any outdated kitchen that needs to come to life.
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