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Eagle Construction Pros is a specialist provider of lower level construction services.

Our basement remodeling service is designed to help you create the perfect space for your family and friends. We take the unfinished space that you already have and transform it into a habitable extension of your home. Whether you’re looking to add a bathroom or create a man cave within your basement, our professional team is up for the challenge.

Reworking your basement can improve your quality of life and boost the value of your home. Through each project, our focus is to capture your requirements and create a remodel project that will have room for your future needs. Highly skilled and experienced, our work teams is here for you and your basement needs. We have competitive pricing and deliver each project within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Easy plans to a successful basement remodel

A well-thought-out basement remodel can transform your lower level space into an entertainment area with a wet bar, kitchenette, home theater, guest suite, kid’s playroom, or even rentable living. The following easy steps are great for every homeowner who’s looking to ensure the success of their basement renovation:

Evaluate your space – the kind of space that you have in your basement will go a long way to establish the kind of results that can be accomplished. Also inspect your space for obstacles such as low-ceiling, ventilation, or excessive moisture that can have an impact on the remodel process.

Determine its use – now that you know how much space you have, and what constraints you need to face, it’s time to determine how the remodeled space will suit your needs. Do you need the space to entertain your friends, or as an added guest bedroom for your relatives? When you map out your requirements this way, it’ll be much easier for the remodeling contractors to get the job right.

Set a budget – of course, not all remodels are the same. The kind of space that you have, as well as your needs, will have a profound impact on the kind of money that you need to spend. If you’re planning to install a bathroom or other accessories in the basement, you’ll need to factor that in your budget.

Get Eagle Construction Pros on board – now that you have everything you need to know about your remodel, it’s time to bring in the experts. Eagle Construction Pros has worked with dozens of Atlanta homeowners on their basement remodels and knows just what to do in order to actualize your vision. Our professional team will conduct a site visit for evaluation purposes, and discuss your requirements and budget in more detail.

Eagle Construction Pros has everything you need to make your basement project a success. We’ll offer all the services – including plumbing, carpentry, permits, flooring, and electrical work – in one package. Get in touch with our team to turn your basement into a beautiful, functional space. Call Now: (678) 782-7110