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If you’re looking for highly professional flooring services for your Atlanta area home, Eagle Construction Pros will meet or even exceed your needs.

Your flooring is the fifth wall in your home, with a powerful impression on design elements and the general atmosphere of any room. Our highly skilled flooring professionals do a thorough, well-thought-out job to bring a dramatic lasting impact on your home.

The perfect Atlanta flooring service should focus on both the functional and aesthetic needs of your family. Although there are many different types of flooring available, these come with varying levels of durability and maintenance requirements. The ideal floor for, let’s say a suburban family, will be much more different than what would work for a chic Soho apartment. Whether you’re looking to bring in new warmth with a hardwood flooring, or enhance the appeal of your room with ceramic tiling, our team will get it right for you. The first step in our flooring work process is to listen to your precise needs and concerns. Once we get a good impression of what you’re looking for, we’ll recommend the best type of flooring to suit your needs, and do a thorough job for long-lasting results.

We focus on the following types of flooring to revamp your home:

Hardwood flooring – nothing brings luxury to your home than a well-done hardwood floor. This type of flooring comes in many different colors and can easily compliment any décor – from traditional to modern. Our flooring experts will help you choose from the type of hardwood, including ash, birch, oak, cherry, pecan, maple, pine, or pine. You may also opt for exotic imported woods such as teak or mahogany. We give you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of patterns so you can find your desired look. Give your kitchen, living room, bedroom, entryway, and family rooms a sophisticated look with premium hardwood flooring.

Tile flooring – ceramic tiles are one of the oldest flooring material in the industry. These give a beautiful, durable feel to your floor space. Our flooring professionals typically use tiles flooring in kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms. These areas are either exposed to high traffic or moisture, making wood flooring less practical. Since ceramic tiles come in a diverse variety of patterns and glaze colors, they are designer-friendly. It’s also easy to achieve interesting patterns and borders by customizing tile groupings. What’s more, cleaning ceramic tiles is bliss. You just need a broom and mop. Eagle Construction Pros will take you through available options to help you find the perfect look.

Carpet flooring – this type of flooring can be a soft, stylish and affordable choice for your home. The per square foot cost of carpet flooring is typically less than other types of flooring. Other benefits of carpet flooring  include reduction of noise, added softness to your floor and insulation during colder months. At Eagle Construction Pros, we have existing relationships with some of the leading carpeting manufacturers in the nation. We’ll furnish your home with a beautiful, elegant carpet floor with material choices from wool, nylon, polyester, or acrylic.

Eagle Construction Pros is a leading provider of professional Atlanta flooring services. Get in touch with our team to communicate your ideas and choose a flooring style that fits your lifestyle.

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